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essay: the state clean, healthy people.

this entry was translated by "google translate" from the entry of 'esei: negeri bersih rakyat sihat'. maybe it had some mistakes in grammar, spelling and so on. I am apologize.

Hadith of Rasulullah s.a.w. means, it is clear to us all. It directly emphasizes the importance of cleanliness in the life of a Muslim to place it as part of the faith. (Reported by Ahmad, Muslim, al-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)

Deduction of the above hadith clearly illustrate that Islam emphasizes hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, all religions in this world is also emphasis on hygiene in religious life. This clearly shows that hygiene is important in everyday life because cleanliness is a catalyst for human health. Built on the matter, one great step taken by the State Government to ensure that all people in this blessed land a clean healthy environment as well. Net State Healthy People. Down the temple of the word "State Clean, Healthy People" multiple perspectives and throwing ideas we can give. The sincere desire of the state government under the leadership of violet-caliber people, Dato 'Seri Ahmad bin Said in making the state a "State of the Parks' should be applauded and supported. The sincere desire of the government is finally investments that will yield benefits to the community. Before we talk at length and the dismantling of pearl express or implied about the sacred vehicle of this state, the question thrown to all who wish to be tightly knotted, all the panic will break. The question is, do we really understand and appreciate the slogan "Healthy People State Net 'is? A question that we should reflect back and think out of the area far as to ensure the vision and noble mission of government becomes a reality.

Net domestic healthy people
Terengganu prospered was a blessing
A nawaitu a wish
One purpose of a goal

The first thing to be the dominant factor in realizing the government's noble intention is to move the awareness of society in their efforts to clean state. Society is enormous role in the success of the government's aspiration for the community is the dominant factor that is the backbone to the government. If you want dianalogikan, the community is piling poles or towers government has always supported and supports the aspirations and expectations of government. If there is no cooperation and support from the public, may tower built on the progress of the mission will fall down and collapsed. In fact, if you want analyzed and dissected, it is appropriate hygienic practices from their homes. Each population or native of this state should play a role by ensuring that their home environment in a clean condition. Although it looks small but very significant implications to the state. If all people carrying out their responsibilities, of course, the state will fledged cleanest state in their homeland. In addition hand, at grassroots level, community leaders should turn on the culture of mutual cooperation that has long become the heart of the Malaysian society. Through a collaborative culture, the environment and invited from the village or housing will increase clean and beautiful. In fact, collaborative practice is to some extent alleviate the burden for us to maintain a clean, according to the same weight dipikiul, dijinjing same light. In addition, this collaborative activities could strengthen ties between individuals in line with the ideas brought by the Prime Minister, the 1Malaysia concept. As a result, the practice of mutual cooperation have become a medium or platform for us to realize the country is clean, healthy people.

The second indicator that is able to realize the noble intention of the government's role should be played by the government. We should be grateful and thankful to the state government not to take lightly because of hygiene issues. This is because the state government allocated about RM 40 million per year to ensure that the state in a very clean and beautiful. Investment undertaken by this government should be further enhanced by a proactive workforce and sound. These provisions should be the maximum possible extent in the effort to move the state toward clean as cleanliness competition held at grassroots, the provision of sanitary facilities or infrastructure and so on. Among the facilities that should be looked into seriously by the government is the provision of bins, beautiful landscapes and the provision of high quality toilets. First step is to some extent able to avoid soiling the worms which eventually become incapable of cancer is untreatable. This coincided with Malay proverbs, prepare for a rainy day. Developed infrastructure is able to reduce the problems that often threaten the cleanliness of the views and perspectives of the outside of our state. Therefore, the government should do the work of a proactive by providing all equipment clean so that all the love materialize, net of a healthy state.

"Lets Clean! 'Is one of the campaign ever undertaken by the government. These campaigns should be intensified and strengthened so that all the motives and objectives up to the grassroots. All the promotion in the mass media should be mobilized more aggressively because all the information that we want to be on target. This is necessary because the government could ensure that all plans accepted and appreciated by the people. For example, the state can take one great step to promote cleanliness in electronic media and the mainstream press. In addition, law enforcement should be an aspect that should not be taken in one eye. Civilized society since time immemorial, the law is the principal thing that makes a civilized nation. See only civilized society the rising sun or the 'Land of Samurai' which succeeded in creating a country that is very clean condition. This is because, there is discipline in each child watannya disulamkan about rigorous enforcement has been successful menatijahkan a country that is renowned in an environment that is clean. Evidence has been terpampar before the eyes. Authorities should carry out and move the existing laws to ensure the state's environmental situation is very satisfactory. Undertaken do not trust just run shell on the steps of releasing only because of hygiene rules is to create a community created a disciplined and competent to ensure the level of cleanliness in this country is at an optimum level. Therefore, the movement to proactively campaign and enforcement of effective laws to create a clean state of condition and thus make the people in this country in good health.

They say let the curved bamboo matures. Aspect of education is also one of the modus operandi of the impetus for the government's vision to see this country in a clean and healthy people. Hygiene and health education should be applied from the rebungya again. This approach should be inculcated to the students since dibangku schools and the government in implementing the cleanliness competition or competition between schools in the state 3K is a general deserve. This is justified by the government's aspiration to inculcate the value of hygiene and health among students. The school also must provide support and accurate in the government's aspiration menggalas. Teachers are shaping the next generation of health conscious and hygiene aspects of life. In addition, the main architect in the formation of hygiene education value of post-Independence native of this is parents. They say children are pure white cloth which is responsible for the father that the mother and menghiaskannya mencorakkannya. Early childhood education is important and can shape a child's identity which emphasizes love of cleanliness and health conscious in every inch of their lives later. In conclusion, early childhood education on hygiene and health care should be taken in full to the state of healthy people will produce the result of a clean state.

Same liver dilapah elephant, the same liver dipped germs. Proverb that could be translated if the private or non-governmental organizations play the same role in ensuring the cleanliness of the state security and public health in good condition. The role or contribution of the NGOs are welcome, as well as highly anticipated as this party is able to complement the efforts of this government. Bitter coffee without sugar, clothes, without the thread will not be. That analogy is the role of NGOs as the seasoning for every meal idea or vision-warakan diwara by the government. These parties may be able to hold awareness talks, and hygiene equipment or programs sponsored by community service. These efforts can propel dijanggka cleanliness level in the country. Cooperation with the Ministry of Health should also be streamlined so that the objectives of this vision will be realized founded. Ministry's role in providing free treatment and awareness campaigns and sanitation inspections of business premises and houses can help reduce peasakit in hospital due to health problems. It's clear the vast majority, that the collaboration from various parties and always moving together accord, harmony sesuara, soul step in ensuring the vision of "Healthy People State Net 'done is very important.

Well, far as the wide paradigm shift. We moved towards the corner is the effect if the sacred motto 'Net State Healthy People' is achieving its objectives. If a country is clean, of course, people would live in a healthy and safe. In moving into this modern era melinium, the cost for treatment has increased many folds. Therefore, care kesihat is necessary because the time this recession need the money to fund the medical costs that would reach millions of dollars. In addition, recently, we shocked by the statistics released by the State Health Department stating the increase in dengue cases in the state. If done post-mortem on the case, the cause is due to a dirty home environment and thus provide an opportunity for the Aedes mosquito to breed. If there has been loss of life is new to us busy cleaning house or the like? Already the new banging terngadah. Opinion should be 'counter before severe' should be taken seriously by the entire community to prevent the rice into porridge.

Ironically, appreciate the concept of cleanliness is the responsibility of us all no matter how young or old, small or large all play their respective roles. Society as a key driver for this noble goal should mobilize their efforts to develop and produce state track clean and healthy people. In addition, the role of government in another mempebanyakkan infrastructure and facilities for public use are able to realize those expectations. In addition, aggressive advertising or promotion and enforcement of effective laws also menatijahkan the results quite encouraging us all. Through hygiene education for a year and corn are able to educate and create a society civilized and hygiene conscious. This began with the collaboration from outside agencies and NGOs, which have helped the government to implement that vision. All of flavor when mixed with prayer over and awareness will produce a pretty good mix for the state to see a clean and beautiful country and its people healthy and smiling sokmo. "State Clean, Healthy People".

Let us comradeship,
Unite a blessing,
Appreciate slogan be wise,
Net domestic healthy people.

As citizens of our beloved country,
Let us light a dream,
Together we harnessed the energy,
Drive the vision of peace Terengganu.

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